2nd Annual

Great Lakes Deaf Dogs Play Day

May 19, 2001

It was a perfect day for a picnic! Nice sunny day, just a few clouds, and 72°. Couldn't have been nicer, and we had a great time.
Cake from 3 Dog Bakery
Our cake (from 3 Dog Bakery), peanut butter, ummm, yummmm (just ask Mango!)
Gwen rolling
Gwen had a bath the day before, and really didn't care for that "nice, clean feeling."
Ida with Mango on the bench
Mango was a bit worried about the big dogs, but she really liked sitting on the bench watching.
Blizzard with a ball
Blizzard likes balls too. Notice how there's only a bit of mud on her paws (it will change!)
Mango sitting
Mango posing to get her picture taken. Isn't she cute?
Gwydion, Gwen Jessica & Katie
Jessica rubbing Katie's belly (Nancy's foster pup), while Gwydion & Gwen supervise. (You will note that we forgot the sunscreen.)
Penny, Blizzard, & Gwydion
"OK, listen up. We need to figure out how to get those cookies away from the people, and we need a plan ... Oops! They saw us!"
Penny, Katie & Blizzard
Penny & Katie go one way, Blizzard goes the other!
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