2nd Annual

Great Lakes Deaf Dogs Play Day

May 19, 2001

Blizzard under picnic table
Remember what I said about Blizzard? She had a bath the day before too you know.
Gwen & Gwydion begging
Gee, you think Jennifer might have cookies in her hand? Gwen & Gwydion certainly think so!
pic 3
Penny resting by Nancy's feet (I think Blizzard is the one getting that disgusted look.)
Penny resting
Isn't she just the prettiest girl you ever saw????
Blizzard after the ball
There were kids playing catch just the other side of the fence, and Blizzard was just sure that they needed her help!
Blizzard jumping at ball
She jumped quite high trying to get to those kids and their ball!
Gwen & Katie
Gwen & Katie keeping an eye on things.
Charlie & Gwydion
Charlie & Gwydion playing.
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© Copyright Jennifer Laus, 2001