2nd Annual

Great Lakes Deaf Dogs Play Day

May 19, 2001

Gwen rolled on her back
Still trying to get rid of that icky "clean" feeling.
Blizzard with a frisbee
Blizzard with a pretty muddy frisbee, and she's still working on it!
Charlie getting a drink
Charlie checking out the drinking fountain. (You need lots of water to make lots of drool.)
Charlie walking
Isn't he a pretty boy? He meandered around the park all day, just visiting (and slobbering on) everyone.
Charlie & Terry talking to someone lelse at the park
Terry (who came with Cheryl) talking to another park visitor while Charlie prepares to lean.
Charlie & Terry talk to some kids who were playing softball
Charlie and Terry answer some questions from the kids playing softball.
Blizzard & Charlie play with a Dalmatian
Blizzard (with that dirty frisbee) and Charlie play with a Dalmatian from the park (nope, he's not deaf).
Charlie resting
Charlie taking a break in the shade.
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© Copyright Jennifer Laus, 2001